Monday, December 1, 2008

Cornbread Kids Christmas ATC ACEO partners List

7 lucky folks with an X after their name won an extra ATC Card from Sandra of Babycakes Doodles and Designs (Not a Swap)...address of your partners will be sent to you in an email soon.
1. Liz Revit (X) and Loredana Mariotto (X)
2. Debra Schoch (X) and Anitra Fritz
3. Norma Conway and Melissa Hart (X)
4. Dolores Rami and Joann Y Wheeler
5. Annette Gambrel (X) and Malissa Melrose (X)
6. Kenyatta Thomas (X) and Sue Taylor
7. Lisa Johnson and Sandra Caldwell


Malissa said...

I'm so exited to have an "X" by my name! You are super sweet, Sandra!

Brown Sugar Babies said...

Woo Hoo!!...I'm so nervous!!...and I too am giggling over being "branded" with an X!LOL

anthony said...

Great !

Mama from from France

Make friends and exchange some gift !

cuteartworld said...

Yahooo Sandra I love your art! I am so excited ..I have my swap ready for Debra and ooooh wait until you see what's inside!

Melissa H. said...

Weee! I got branded!

Norma, I can't wait to swap with you!

Sandra said...

So happy I could surprise some of you...Wish I could have swapped with you all...Hope you all get some great swaps.
Takecare Sandra