Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Swap Card by Sandra @ Babycakes Doodles & Designs

This is my Christmas ATC Swap card(above)
I created it for my swap partner Lisa Johnson....Lisa is a good friend and my partner in Wymzee Art Friends Blog. She has a termendous liking for animals ( cats, dogs, deer, skunks, peacocks, etc. LOL ) She loves them all !
Unfortunately she lost one her cats not to long I thought this cat would be a fun memory for her. I still have one swapper that I do not have a picture to show you all. ( Debra Schoch...Hop Hop Jingle Boo). She had a few problem. We will see her work at another time.
So this is my final story....about the Christmas ATC Swap Cards....we had 14 wonderfully talent ladies join the swap. I like to THANK each and everyone of them.
The holiday mail made this swap a little hard...but we made it. It's over.
I have some wonderful other ATC swap for them.
Everyone that received a gift from me... (7 lucky folks) I do hope you all enjoyed them.
And Thank you to Liz and Keni for both of your wonderful gifts. These two ladies mailed me 2 wonderful ATC cards...which was a unexpected treat. And they both were beautiful.
Well on to the next swap as I said is...coming soon. Join as a follower so you will know what going on here.
Or drop by and see.
Takecare...and Happy New Year to All

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas ATC Swap by Cute Art World ( Anitra)

This is another of our ATC Christmas Swap Cards designed by Anitra Williams ( Cute Art World) her swap partner was Debra Schoch of ( Hop Hop Jingle Boo)...Love the format she used and the Vintage look...wonderful card!

These folks did some high quality cards. If you would like to see more of Anitra's work visit her here:

Thanks for joining my swap Anitra...and Happy Holidays !


Christmas Swap Card by Dolores Raml

Here is another of our swap card made by Dolores Raml...Love the tag she added...Believe and it has a Vintage touch very nice work , she made this card for JoAnn, I am sure she is enjoying this one...If you like to see more of Dolores work visit here:

Thanks for joining the swap Dolores...Happy Holidays


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Swap Card by Jo Ann Wheeler

This is the card JoAnn Wheeler painted ...Everyone loves gingerbread and stocking...and putting the date on it 2008 made it something her swap partner Delores Raml would surely remember. Thanks for joining the swap JoAnn. Hope to see you back again.
Love your work....
Want to see more of Jo Ann's work...visit here:

All the artists for this swap were very talent....and all do quality work!!
Can you tell I am so proud of all of them.

Christmas Swap Card by Malissa Melrose

Now this ATC card was created by Malissa Melrose for Annette Gambrel of Huckleberry Art. 3-D...multi medium and has words...( Who's been Naughty , Who's been nice ) on it.
Creative lady here...I am sure Annette will love this one.
Want to see more of Maliss's work visit her here:

Thanks for joining the swap Malissa ...hope to see you back again.

Christmas Swap Card by Liz Revit

Oh look at this one....this is handpainted snowman by Liz Revit, she is a wonderful artist... this swap went to Italy to Loredana Mariotto . Lucky lady...I am sure you will enjoy this one Loredana.
If you folks would like to see some of Liz's work for sale...visit her here:
Thanks for joining the swap Liz...

Christmas Swap Card... by Huckleberry Art

This is a Christmas ATC Card by Annette Gambrel of Huckleberry Art
for her partner Malissa Melrose ...Wonderful snowman, I am sure Malissa will enjoy this one.
See more of Annette cards and tags for sale here:

Thanks for joining the swap Annette

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Swap Card by Norma Conway

This is another one of the swap ATC Christmas cards .
Made by Norma Conway of Fairy Fruit Cake Blog...Norma partner is very lucky Melissa Hart , this is very wonderful ATC Card...Bravo Norma.
Hope you join more of my swaps coming soon !
Thanks Sandra
Be sure ans shop for Norma's Cards on Etsy.
See more of her work here below:

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Swap Card by Lisa @ Skunk Hollow

Now look at this wonderful Christmas ATC SWap Card by Lisa of Skunk Hollow.
( She makes dolls...wonderful dolls. but this gal is all around artist ).
I got my swap so soon because... Lisa and I only live about 50 or 60 miles from each other...LOL
And this was Lisa very first ATC Card Swap ... she made it very well...I think she may have to do more...It was AWESOME !!
Bravo Lisa....I love it !!!!. Oh by the way Lisa made this for her swap partner me...Sandra Caldwell.
Thanks so much Lisa...Look forward to you doing more cards & SWAPS ...
Check out Lisa's Etsy Page here:
Hugs Sandra

Monday, December 1, 2008

Cornbread Kids Christmas ATC ACEO partners List

7 lucky folks with an X after their name won an extra ATC Card from Sandra of Babycakes Doodles and Designs (Not a Swap)...address of your partners will be sent to you in an email soon.
1. Liz Revit (X) and Loredana Mariotto (X)
2. Debra Schoch (X) and Anitra Fritz
3. Norma Conway and Melissa Hart (X)
4. Dolores Rami and Joann Y Wheeler
5. Annette Gambrel (X) and Malissa Melrose (X)
6. Kenyatta Thomas (X) and Sue Taylor
7. Lisa Johnson and Sandra Caldwell