Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tagged by TWO !

Tagged Looks like I have been tagged twice...yes twice !

By...Loredana &
Leola South Shore Artist

Thanks to you wonderful folks that choose me to tag.
I am told I must now write some strange stuff about myself...
Oh dear here goes !
The rules of the Blogger's Tag game are:
1. put a link in your posting about the artist that tagged you.
2. write 5 -7 unusual things about yourself.
3. tag 5 - 7 other Bloggers and let them know

1) I am allergic to nickel...so cannot wear any jewelry other that gold or silver.
2) I took piano lessons for over 12 years. I play classical only !
3) I have been doing art since I was 23 . All self taught!
4) My son can draw rings around me...he should have been the artist.
5) 6 years ago was the first time I touched an computer.And now I am on it everyday.
6) My dh family was quite large. His mom had 42 brothers and siters.
7) I still remember my first telephone number and and address...of 55 years ago.

Now I will tag some friends:
1)Malissa - http://sleepyhollowfolkartoriginals.blogspot.com/This young lady is a very talented artist...and is a sweetie !
2) Liz Revit - http://lizrevit.blogspot.com/Quality, friendly and talented artist...The Best !
3) Kenyatta - http://kenyattasbrownsugarbabiestalk.blogspot.com/Very sweet talented lady !
4)Lisa - http://skunkhollowcountrystore.blogspot.com/
This is my friend, who has a kind heart and talent to boot !
5)Annette - http://huckleberryarts.blogspot.com/Very talented friend.
6 Marie - http://mariepatterson.blogspot.com/Very nice lady with loads of talent .
These are my folks I've tagged...These folks can change the world with a needle and thread and clay and paint brush...from the heart , I believe !

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Marie Patterson Studio said...

Hi Sandra,
Thanks for thinking of me :-}!!!! I'm really bogged down right now, so I'll have to pass on this tag....hope you can understand.