Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tutorial Tags for my Friend

I made this ric rac edge round tag last night to show a friend how it is done.
Now this is a swap site so I am swapping this ...How To : with you all.
I made a page of my handpainted designs printed them in circles and printed them out on my printer.
Then using my ric rac edged scissors cut leaving a little white edge.
Punched a hole and tied on some thin yute.
You can use any edged scissors...schalloped would be cute.
See the pictures above.
I am sick right now sure I could have made these better...but hope this helped my friend.
She seem to need them right away.
Back to bed. LOL


1 comment:

Loredana said...

Sandra, I hope you're feeling fine.
your tags are wonderful, I bought a round scallopped punch to do it, waiting it from USA so it will take a long time, but finally I'll be able to do my own tags!
Thanks a lot for trying for me!