Friday, November 28, 2008

Blue Christmas ...Hard Times ATC ACEO Challenge Card

I just put up this card
on Etsty...its is a challenge card
from one of my Etsy Teams...
ACEtsyTeam's marvelous
"Christmas & Family Traditions" ACEO
creations... ( Do check out ACEtsy
Team other ACEO card if you get a chance...great artists on there).
This past year I have see the sales low online,
I have watch as friends and families,
lose their jobs, families all over
break from the economy...
Our children being sent war,
and some not returning home,
my heart felt sad. and as I see it ...
That could be me or my family...or you or our grandchildren !
Then out came this card. Blue Christmas ...Hard Times !
It is on Esty here for sale:

I added Elvis sing it for you...enjoy !


Gifts of Creation said...

Hi ! I was touched by your blue christmas aceo and description.
your art is beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for listing me on your blog!!

Sandra said...

Thanks so much for the kind words...and you are so welcome.

Liz Revit said...

Sandra, this is a great card with a wonderful message. I hope your Christmas, however, is not blue this year.


Sandra said...

No not so far...but I have my days to...Hope your is as well Wonderful !!
Hugs Sandra