Monday, September 22, 2008

New Idea...Atc Swap

OMG...this might just be a great fun party...How about having a Recipe ATC Swap Party.... ?
Sound like a good idea?
If you like recipes...and making ATC Card...How about putting a recipe on the front and back of a ATC Card and Swapping it?

We can even do desserts only !
Or Cupcake Atc Card Swap....
Yummy !!!!

I will have to get to work on this one....
See ya soon.


pammi said...

great ideas!! i havaent done a Atc card but id love to see what youve done and maybe i can whip up one for a swap or two lol.. love your name too!!! (cornbread) lol.. Pam

Sandra said...

No better time than now to start making them...Join in anytime. Sandra